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Rachel Benson thought her life was on track with a successful career in PR and a long-term relationship with a nice guy. When they meet for post-work drinks and dinner, she has no way of knowing that a series of seemingly insignificant decisions will send her down a terrifying path. Now she finds herself in the back of a stolen car with three violent strangers, not knowing where she’s being taken or what's going to happen to her. She’s in a fight for her life, trying to escape her captives and deny the changes she can feel happening to herself as she is led on a crime spree across three states. Will she make it out alive, and if she does, what does the future hold for her when she makes it home?

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Hostage Reviews

I loved the progression of the characters and how Rachel was able to see past the bad in Robbie and to be able to bring out the good in him. I was constantly surprised by the twists and turns the story took.
If you are in need of a new novel, I highly recommend you get Hostage!!

—Kate Jarvis,

Perth, WA, Australia

First and foremost, congratulations to you Carol on your debut and what I’m sure will be a successful first book. From the first chapter, I was drawn in with a sense of urgency to know every character. I was eager to read each page and chapter. From cover to cover the story itself exceeded even my expectations of how captivating the story would be. Only downside was the fact this story had to end. I found the characters captivating and even ended up rooting for some of the characters that I initially didn’t think I would. In closing, I loved the standout and unique story, which was unlike anything else I’ve ever read before. Thank you, Carol, for helping me to appreciate reading once again.

—Glenn Lawrence, Tamborine, QLD, Australia
Business owner, 2020 Logan City Volunteer of the Year Finalist & Courier Mail’s
Queensland Top 50 influencer

I love the way this story makes you question and show compassion for every moral view the reader has pre-concepted. Rachel’s character makes it possible to feel the change of character in our realities. Can’t wait for your next adventure Carol xxx

—Kirstin England,

Goolmangar, NSW, Australia

Hostage, what a wild ride! Definitely a book to sit down and get comfortable because you won’t want to put it down until you finish reading it!

—Ashleigh Butterworth,

Boondall, QLD, Australia

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