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About Carol

I have been a creative all my life, spending my childhood writing short stories, taking photos and choreographing dance routines to my favourite albums then teaching them to my friends and making them perform them with me in front of my family. As I grew up I continued writing, still writing short stories but soon moving onto novels. as well as lots and lots of poetry and songs, but never being brave enough to take the first step to get my writing published and share it with others. 

In my twenties I moved across the world and spent three years in Canada where I became more passionate about perfecting my writing technique and learning my art. When I moved back to Australia I had made my mind up that I was going  to pursue writing and photography, but unfortunately life got in the way and I spent the next decade working as an early years educator, although I did finally study photography at university.


In 2020 I lost both my Mumma and my husband to cancer, only five months apart. Watching two of the people I loved most fight an impossible battle against cancer, but sadly lose the battle made me reassess my life and gave me a much needed wake-up call.


I realised it was time for me to follow my lifelong dreams and ensure that at the end of my life I wouldn't look back and have regrets about not living my best life. 

This year my first novel is being released, but that's only the beginning. I have a lot more to come!

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