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Carol Jarvis-Jackson

Author — Photographer


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Rachel Benson thought her life was on track with a successful career in PR and a long-term relationship with a nice guy. When they meet for post-work drinks and dinner, she has no way of knowing that a series of seemingly insignificant decisions will send her down a terrifying path. Now she finds herself in the back of a stolen car with three violent strangers, not knowing where she’s being taken or what's going to happen to her. She’s in a fight for her life, trying to escape her captives and deny the changes she can feel happening to herself as she is led on a crime spree across three states. Will she make it out alive, and if she does, what does the future hold for her when she makes it home?

About Carol

I've been writing since I was a child and have written a few novels since I was a teenager. In 2020 I decided it was time to finally fulfil my lifelong goal of becoming a published author and complete this novel which was incomplete for a few years and take a shot at publishing. I went through a couple of very personal and heart-breaking losses in 2020 and watching two people who meant the world to me fight for life made me realise that life is short and fleeting and it was time to chase my dreams.

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